Friday, December 28, 2012

Coffee/Tea Date

I am drinking pomegranate tea instead of coffee. I ran out of kcups so tea it is :) 

We are nearly done moving and this weekend we will be done and the place cleaned out. Ready to turn our keys in. YAY!!

Please comment with your New Years resolutions. 

Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Christmas

From the Y household to yours we wish you a Happy Christmas.

We wish that we could spend the holidays with our families. Nothing would please us more. Last year we were able to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas with Mr. Y's paternal side of the family, a huge Italian family. And then rang in the New Year with my family.

I was extremely happy to spend Hanukkah with Mr. Y this year. As last year it was cut short as he had to go away. He enjoyed latkes, donuts, kugel, and brisket.

We decided to just spend this holiday season at home. With our move and then not knowing Mr. Y's schedule it was just best instead of making empty promises that we just stay home. Hopefully in a few months we can see my family and his as well.

Mr. Y shall be ringing in the New Years together. Haven't decided what to do. But yes something is in order.

Happy Holidays!!!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Is The Packing Done?

I finally have a break to sit down and blog. And as I scan the room I am surrounded by boxes.

Over the weekend we have been boxing up the small things. Those small things that didn't go in boxes last weekend. Those puzzled things you just don't know what to do with but you aren't ready to get rid of them. And of course there were some left over boxes from last weekend that haven't made the trip to storage.

Putting our things in storage is time consuming. It is also playing a game of Tetras. Maybe perhaps even Jenga sometimes. Balance here, balance there. I play a mean game of car/storage Tetras lol.

The end is in sight though. Sure sometimes it doesn't feel like it. Mr. Y keeps saying we are almost done but I highly doubt it.

But soon everything will be in storage or with us. And then comes the task of cleaning. Which is reserved for this weekend.

Soon we can say goodbye to moldy apartment. Goodbye to me being sick. Soon I can detox from the toxic mold and my asthma will slowly get better. And we can leave this place behind us.

We turn in our keys and then we are done. I'm glad we only had a 6 months lease, as it proved itself about 3 months in we made a bad decision. Lessons we have learned from, things that have made us grow. And surely, hopefully won't leave a bitter taste in our mouths for it if this would ever occur again.

I can't wait for February.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Gift Exchange

I am a big fan of gift exchanges, especially when it is closer to the holidays.

I've known Jill, who blogs under Ernestine Edna, for a bit now. And when I found out about her Ernestine Edna's Handmade Gift Exchange I decided to participate in it.

I received a package from Abby :) (I wish I could link her up but I don't have her info)

It was peeking up out of my mail box. And I am a sucker for when the mail arrives if a package comes I swoon lol.

I quickly opened it up. And I JUST HAD to snap the above picture.

Abby included a nice pin (to the left) and earrings!! I adore them they are super cute.

And then I was super surprised to see a special gift from Jill herself.
I have enjoyed this swap and hope Jill has it again.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What Do You Want in a Relationship?

I've recently found myself in a weird position... a weird position for myself.

Until recently I happened to be the girl who had more guy friends than girl friends. So I would have a lot of guys asking me if I had single friends and sadly I didn't. Of the very few women that I was friends with they were all married or in a steady relationship.

Well now the tables have turned. I happen to have more girl friends than guy friends. And some of those are single. And now they are asking... do you know any guys that are single?

So it brings me to today's blog post... What do you want in a relationship?

You see one could ask "what do you want in a guy/girl?" but that truly isn't the correct question to ask. What are you going to say? I want him to be 6'5" have blonde hair and blue eyes. He needs to be HOT like Channing Tatum and have a rocking personality.  He can't be a jerk.

Or I want a girl she needs to be 5'6" no red heads, big boobs... oh yes I was asked these things once and I rolled my eyes. But you get the point.

You can't find someone based on looks.

You need to figure out what you want in a relationship?

Loyalty! This would be a big one for me. I remember back when Mr. Y and I were friends and I was discussing with him the guy of my dreams (we were just friends then). And the fact he had to be loyal was at least number one on my list or near the top.

Trust!! You have to be able to trust a person. If you don't have trust then I mean... what do you have?

Some would add in sex... I'll changing that to compatibility. Do the two of you get along? Can you get along for more than ten minutes? If you were out to dinner and after the first fifteen minutes would the rest be in silence? You need to have compatibility. Otherwise you will have many silent dinners.

I wish I could tell you the best ways to get a man. But I honestly don't know. I wasn't even looking to date him. I wasn't looking period. We became friends and soon found out we were compatible.... ERR We were friends for a very long time and in all honestly I turned my best friend into my husabnd.

My way won't work for everyone. Like one of my sisters has been married to her high school sweetheart for years. I do believe in love at first sight. Everyone has a different love story.

Although we would all love to be married to Channing Tatum (okay not all of us) but he's taken and expecting his first child. But you can find someone you are meant to be with.

It's my personal belief the big guy up stairs knows what he's doing and has the perfect someone for each of us.

I think it's why he lead me to convert to Judaism.  He does truly have things figured out. So let go and let him guide you.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Taxed Out

Today I dusted off the Asian side of my brain (heard of the Asian math gene?) and did our taxes.

Let me go back here...

First Asian math gene... it's not really a gene. It's just something in college that came up once. Because there are a lot of professors that taught at my college that were from Asia. Stop and think of your Russian math professor... yup Asia. In college I was asked once if I had the Asian math gene, with me twice talking calculus I can safely assume no I didn't get that gene.

In the beginning of the year Mr. Y and I did what normal citizens do, we filed for our taxes. Now when my W2 from my job had arrived I had asked Mr. Y if there was anything else. Well he had his school loan, and I didn't know what else he had. He said nope. Don't wait to claim his school loan. Just file. So I did.

A few weeks after we got our return I found out no Mr. Y had DIVIDENDS :/ IRAs, mutual growth funds... DIRTY words when it comes to taxes. My MIL sent out our tax stuff but it was well too late because we had already filed.

I had quickly calculated it up and thank goodness we didn't claim the student loans because it offset everything. So I put it away. I was dealing with my shoulder around this time and we had a while before we had to fix our taxes (yes you can make a mistake on your taxes and you have some time to fix it).

Flash forward to moving in June. Some how the tax stuff got misplaced. I searched and searched and NADA. I began to panic. I then asked Mr. Y to ask his mom for the tax stuff again (insert family drama).

Over the weekend as we began to move things to storage I found the tax stuff... YAY!!!! So today I sat down and began the whole process of filling out the 1040X to adjust our 2011 tax return.

I'll admit I got distracted... there are shinny things on my computer. But about three hours after I started I was done. And there was a woppin' $65 return *rolls eyes*.  Granted if I didn't get distracted by PhotoShop or Facebook or finding our 2011 tax return then I probably would have been done in one.

I had to pull up the instructions for the 2011 1040 because I needed the tax table, so that took some time. Actually the most time was spend printing out the forms that I needed. But hey in that time I was also able to figure out my self-employed net income for this year... you can never start too early.

I ran to the post office where I spent half an hour to mail this one envelope. Loosing my patience for the day. And then the machine to do it yourself at the post office wouldn't accept my credit card. So the guy behind me took the $1 that it needed to mail and paid for it. Talk about being NICE :)

And to think in a few months I get to do this all over again.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Coffee Date 12/14

Wow it's been a while since I've done one of these.

Please don't forget of my Pampered Chef Party.

I am super excited about this. And hosting this party is the beginning of this journey. And I would appreciate any help!!

I look forward to seeing your coffee dates! Until next time.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Gifts for $10 or under

Have you not finished your holiday shopping? Don't worry it still isn't too late. My Pampered Chef party is still going on, just visit this link.

Yes I am hosting a Pampered Chef party. This begins my Pampered Chef adventure filled with fun and joy. And this is my holiday gift giving guide of Pampered Chef items for $10 or under. The possibilities are endless.

Adjustable Measuring Spoons $8.50

This would be a great stocking stuffer. I don't know about you but I tend to loose measuring spoons. I even have two sets and I will still misplace a few, especially ones I need at that baking/cooking moment. This product is great because you just need ONE! 

Herb Infuser $9.50

Fill this with herbs and spices and pop into soups, stews, and drinks. The possibilities are endless. And an awesome stocking stuffer!

I for one love cooking with rosemary but then to you have to remember to take the rosemary out. This saves time!!! You can add rosemary and other spices/herbs and the flavor will still be added yet saves time.

Can Strainer $5.50

By far this is the best product I've seen recently and if I had known Pampered Chef sold this I would have bought it long ago. 

No more digging around for a strainer and getting it dirty to drain black beans, etc. Use this handy dandy can strainer which easily fits over small cans and your draining needs are easily fixed and allows the larger strainer to be used for other things... like draining those mashed potatoes.

Mini Serving Spatula $6.00

When I first saw this my eyes bugged out. It is perfect tool to get out brownies and other small baking needs.

I giggled when Mr. Y and I went home and his mom pulled it out to get the kugel out. It is a versatile tool to use and well under $10. For me a perfect gift that could be a stocking stuffer or attached to a gift with the name tag.

Those are just a few items that Pampered Chef has that are under $10. 

If you would like to order some Pampered Chef products please visit my party which is open until Dec 16th. It is a shop now pay later party. When the party closes your credit card will be billed. All of the items placed in this party will arrive before Christmas and just in time for any last minute gifts, that you don't have to leave the comfort of your home or fight crowds.

Even if it is a small order, like the mini serving spatula, don't fret. Any order counts! If you place an order over $75 you will get a free cooling rack. 

If you would like to host a party yourself and earn some free stuff contact me and I will help set you up. Hosting benefits are awesome.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Some Nights

Some Nights by Fun. happens to be one of my favorite songs.
Some nights, I stay up cashing in my bad luck
Some nights, I call it a draw
Some nights, I wish that my lips could build a castle
Some nights, I wish they'd just fall off

But I still wake up, I still see your ghost
Oh Lord, I'm still not sure what I stand for oh
What do I stand for? What do I stand for?
Most nights, I don't know anymore...
Oh whoa, oh whoa, oh whoa oh oh
Oh whoa, oh whoa, oh whoa oh oh

This is it, boys, this is war - what are we waiting for?
Why don't we break the rules already?
I was never one to believe the hype - save that for the black and white
I try twice as hard and I'm half as liked, but here they come again to jack my style

And that's alright; I found a martyr in my bed tonight
She stops my bones from wondering just who I am, who I am, who I am
Oh, who am I? mmm... mmm...

Well, some nights, I wish that this all would end
Cause I could use some friends for a change
And some nights, I'm scared you'll forget me again
Some nights, I always win, I always win...

But I still wake up, I still see your ghost
Oh Lord, I'm still not sure what I stand for, oh
What do I stand for? What do I stand for?
Most nights, I don't know... (come on)

So this is it? I sold my soul for this?
Washed my hands of that for this?
I miss my mom and dad for this?

(Come on)

No. When I see stars, when I see, when I see stars, that's all they are
When I hear songs, they sound like this one, so come on
Oh, come on. Oh, come on, OH COME ON!

Well, that is it guys, that is all - five minutes in and I'm bored again
Ten years of this, I'm not sure if anybody understands
This one is not for the folks at home; Sorry to leave, mom, I had to go
Who the fuck wants to die alone all dried up in the desert sun?

My heart is breaking for my sister and the con that she call "love"
When I look into my nephew's eyes...
Man, you wouldn't believe the most amazing things that can come from...
Some terrible {lies|nights}...ahhh...

Oh whoa, oh whoa, oh whoa, oh oh
Oh whoa, oh whoa, oh whoa, oh oh

The other night, you wouldn't believe the dream I just had about you and me
I called you up, but we'd both agree
It's for the best you didn't listen
It's for the best we get our distance... oh...
It's for the best you didn't listen
It's for the best we get our distance... oh...
I've had insomnia for quite some time now and one restless night I came upon this song.

Boy I sure do think on the nights that I get ~2 hours of sleep that I am cashing in on my bag luck.

And I do have to admit the question that has haunted me is: what do I stand for?

But then watch the music video and it hits you harder.
Honestly I don't think the full impact of a song can be realized until you watch the music video. The music video can tell you so much and open your mind.

With having insomnia for so long I can express the haunting of ghosts... err or should I say memories. Those that perhaps you don't want will especially come flooding back. And the simple act of a husband's love scares the ghosts and keeps them at bay.

My sleeping husband has a tendency, without him knowing, to slip his arm around me and pull me close to him. He is soundly sleeping and does not aware anything is haunting me. That simple act he does by pulling me close to him and holding on. It does more than show his love for me, it does more than keep at bay any bad thoughts I am thinking of... it reminds me I am not alone.

Some nights that I have may be bad but those same nights are proven they are not as bad as I may think they are.

Just remember that. No matter how bad you think something is, shine a little love and you will see it's not.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Pretty PRETTY Please

Hey lovely blog readers!!

For a while now I have been wanting to sell Pampered Chef. I have been speaking to a wonderful consultant with Pampered Chef with this journey. And have decided to host a party in December.

I am inviting you!!!

Have you not heard of Pampered Chef? Pampered Chef is an awesome company that sells kitchen products. Not just including kitchen tools, cookware, but other things as well for the kitchen.

I have been a Pampered Chef fan for years. This was due to my sister introducing me to it.
So I thought... why not sell Pampered Chef.

To start off I am hosting a party.
The party is opened now and will stay open until Dec 16th.
The best part is THIS WILL ARRIVE IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS/HANUKKAH/HOLIDAYS!!! So you don't have to worry. Need a last minute gift? Honestly I love cooking so much I'd swoon for Pampered Chef for the holidays.
Another best part, it's a shop now pay later. Your credit card will not be processed until Dec 16th!!!
This is for those of my friends in the military community to allow them to buy what they see and not have to worry about paying until pay day!!

Oh wait, if you spend over $75 you will get a free cooling rack.
Honestly those things are the bomb!! During our move I lost mine so it's on my list of things to get!

Oh wait... do you want to host a party too? Let me know cause you can earn something things!!!

I have a list of Pampered Chef products to recommend. That will be in another blog.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Pretty, Pretty Princess Apartment

In the adventure of Mr. Y and I looking for a new place to live we have looked high and low. At different apartments and houses. In this adventure I have coined the terminology PPPA.

PPPA=Pretty, Pretty Princess Apartment

Mr. Y and I had first discussed buying a house. But we have decided to put that off. Because we do not want to call Virginia our home. Discussing this we felt that if we purchased a home it could be hard to sell. Then we would have to rent. But WHAT if we are sent some place else and that some place else is where we want to call home. Then we'd have to wait to get another mortgage until the house sold. So as we discussed we would put off buying a home.

I have an area picked out that I would like to live. Mr. Y also has an area acceptable where he wants to live, but be realistic are we going to listen to Mr. Y?? Sorry baby I love you but I know where I want to live.

Say there is a map and an area on the map is highlighted as an acceptable area for us to move to. So then we look inside said area to find apartment places.

I have searched high and low. And in the end came out with a few apartment choices. We had viewed a few before we moved where we are now and decided against those. Although they reappeared on the list because they were marked out before I marked them out again. This narrowed the search to 2 apartments.

We went and viewed them on Friday.

Mr. Y drove and I told him how to get there. As we pulled up insert the new terminology. PPPA!!!!
The first apartment was a gated community and Mr. Y did one of these... o.O So of course I had to call it pretty, pretty princess!!

Oh wait in case you don't know Siri calls me 'pretty, pretty princess' it was a joke. So yes I had to bring this over to our apartment search.

We viewed the first apartment choice. It wasn't that bad. Of course the sample wasn't exactly what we would have. There are pros and cons of course.

  • fireplace
  • elevator
  • pool
  • washer/dryer (but may not be able to move what is there, we have our own)
  • gated community
  • gym (meh not a big deal to me)
  • about 9 blocks from the beach (the strip in Virginia Beach)
  • near the Interstate (I mean right next to the Interstate)
Then we went to the second apartment choice. The reason I picked it was because it was closer to the beach and in an area I would love to live. It's actually near the house we had picked out... it has pros and cons too.

  • small salt water pool and hot tub
  • area to grill with gas grills (hey we have our own)
  • parking area is small and will have to fight for parking
  • gated community
  • apartments are secure (need to be buzzed in)
  • free storage area
  • gym (again not a big deal)
  • about a 7 minute walk to the beach
  • can walk to the grocery stores (2 near by)
  • near a swap... protected area=bugs
  • washer/dryer (is bigger than the first apartment, bonus points)
The first apartment is $1170 a month. But does not include utilities so have to pay those. Water, sewage, electricity, cable, etc.

The second apartment is $1365 a month. Again does not include any utilities.

The second apartment is a tad bigger than the first apartment. 

These are both 2 bedroom apartments. They come with a washer/dryer, fridge, microwave, dishwasher, and stove. Both have walk in closets. Both are master bedrooms.

The first apartment has the washer/dryer in the kitchen. There is a door that closes it. I've had this before and hated it. But it has more light entering in the apartment than the second. It has an open layout. The first bedroom is first and the bathroom leads to it.

The second apartment has a large washer/dryer area. Enough that Lulu can have her crate in it. The ceilings are high about 9ft tall. There is more cabinet space in the kitchen. The layout is open. The second bedroom can be closed off to guests if they come over. The bathrooms are larger and have plenty of storage.

I'm not sure if I am put off by the first place because it reminds me of our last apartment. It is a typical apartment layout with the first bedroom up front, and second bedroom in the back. 
I dislike the fact that the second apartment is making us have a first floor. We don't want that. 

Basically how Mr. Y put it... the second apartment we could go drinking at the bar and just walk home. First apartment is is a longer hike and one I wouldn't want to do at 1 in the morning. But the second one no problem. BTW we aren't drinkers so this is all hypothetical. But we want to go to the beach during the summer.

Next up is looking for PPPHouses. 

Thursday, December 6, 2012


I am into makeup.

I don't go truly over the top but I am a big believer you get what you spend. So I invest in my makeup.

There are a few brands that I trust. Nars, Urban Decay, Smashbox...

I am allergic to certain things and I've used certain makeup and don't react so I trust them. But Bare Minerals I am highly allergic to so I avoid them. Benefit as well. I have no idea what they put it in to give me hives but I do.

I haven't bought makeup in a while. I've gotten some stuff for free here and there. But it's been a while since I purchased something. The last thing I bought when I walked into Sephora was shampoo, snap I need to go get more soon lol. I tend to only get nail polish at Ulta.

When the Naked palette came out by Urban Decay I had to have it. Only I waited because I had a ton of eye shadow and didn't want to waste it. So I waited to get it. And I love it. When the Naked 2 palette came out I wanted that one too. But again I waited.

But then this palette came out...

Urban Decay Naked Basic... 

There were a few reasons I purchased this. First it was smaller than the Naked palette that I had, which appeals to me because I can slip it into my bag and take with me. Second is a shade, W.O.S stands for Walk of Shame. 

I am a sucker for names!! The Nars lipstick/lipgloss that I have is only because of their names. Seriously Catfight, like I wasn't going to get that lipstick. Yes it happens to look good on me.

So the minute Urban Decay posted on their Facebook page a preview of this palette I had to have it. In fact it was my spurge this month.

It came in the mail and I would love to try it on and show you. But I have something wrong with my eye and am avoiding eye makeup right now.

They think I have a clogged tear duct :(  My eyes get scratchy cause tears aren't being produced and inside corner of my eye is swelled. I go to the eye doctor later on today to figure it all out.

I do need a new eye exam but it isn't that type of eye doctor. It's the good kinda haha well one that can figure out what is wrong with my eye not just check my eyes and give me an exam type. So once my eye gets sorted I will be trying these shades out.

I so far see myself using: venus, naked 2, faint, and crave the most. W.O.S. I will use as a highlighter, maybe even alone. Who knows. The choices are endless.

And they go well with my Naked palette. 

One thing I love about Urban Decay eye shadow is how long they last. By all means they have lasted longer than my Nars. My last Nars eye shadow lasted me a summer. I used it every day though so got my moneys worth. And it is something I'd use again. I have just one part of the eye shadow yet. But I am waiting for the summer to roll around to get it. 

This past summer I mainly used my Urban Decay Naked, or the last of my Nars. 

Going into winter I can switch to a neutral shade with no pop of color. My Nars has a pop of purple, my favorite color.

Have you tried this palette yet? Any other makeup? Let me know.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Royal Crush

When I was growing up I had dreams and aspirations of becoming a Princess. Thank you Disney for giving me the ability to dream, and dream big.

Sadly HRH (his/her royal highness) Prince Charles of Wales was a tad bit too old for my taste. Similarly his son HRH Prince William was a tad bit too young. And growing up as a child I heard a lot about the Royal Family of Britain. Partially thanks to Princess Diana and Prince Charles.

I grew up. And well... my tastes in men became more defined (lol it's the only way I know how to put it). Some where along the line I became fascinated with Denmark and Sweden. I actually have dreams and to visit both of these countries.

In learning more about Sweden, because I am learning how to speak Swedish. I stumbled upon HRH Prince Carl of Sweden.

He just so happens to be close to my age. Sadly when I was single I did not live in Sweden nor had the ability to meet him. Damn my luck. But I have an amazing husband so I will give up my Princess dreams.

But yes I've had a crush on dear Prince Carl for some time now. I love seeing updated pictures of him. Can't quite understand why he hasn't married anyone. Meh maybe he's waiting for Mrs. Right. Sorry Prince Carl if you were waiting on me I'm spoken for lol.

Do you have a crush on someone? Oh I also like Channing Tatum of course. But when someone asks me who I have a crush on it's really Prince Carl.

So I am interested in hearing who you have a celebrity/royal crush on.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Misconception of Myself

Misconception (n): a view or opinion that is incorrect because based on faulty thinking or understanding.

I grew up as the youngest of three girls in a small rural community.  Growing up in this small rural (farming) community I was automatically tagged with a misconception. My mother is from South Korea and my father met her while in the Air Force. So I am half Korean, quarter French, and quarter German (if my research into family history is correct). Because I am half Korean and look part Asian I grew up in middle school being made fun of and told to "go back where I came from". Even though I was born in the hospital a few miles south of where I grew up.

I didn't understand misconception. I didn't understand why people based an opinion on me by various things but mainly a misunderstanding. It took me a very long time to understand all of this.

Growing up in the small community I did I was first introduced to misconception by my age group, maybe a tad bit older.  Because of this introduction it had a lasting effect on me. I grew up thinking because I was made fun of because of my race that I wasn't pretty.

Throw in a mother with high expectations and when you fail to meet those you are branded with being a loser. Well all that equals up to one misguided teen.

I look back at my life and I know the things that happened made me the person I am today. The being teased in middle school, my mother abusing me, being in an abusive relationship... has made me into the person I am today. Everything I have gone through has molded me and shaped me.

Everyone has their own demons.

As time grew on I realized I had developed a misconception of myself. I started to loose who I was. I began to settle instead of going what my heart was looking for.  A black cloud enveloped me.

So I made this blog. Because I just knew in order to remember who I was I needed to leave the bad behind me, miles behind me.

The two year anniversary of this blog is fast approaching.

I am certainly not in the same place that I was when I started this blog. I no longer have a misconception of myself. But I do know others still have misconceptions of me, I can't change that. But I did change the misconception of myself.

I went out and did what I thought was best for me. And here I am two years later happily married to a wonderful man (who happen to have shaved himself bald last night /: ) A wonderful man who will never have a misconception about me.

Do you have a misconception about someone? Did you think about changing it?

I am happy to have changed mine.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Make it a Date

It just so happens that Mrs. Squirrel from Life as a Secret Squirrel's Other Half and I are friends. I don't just mean blogging friends which we are that too. I mean we are real life friends. But we are going to cut her name down for this blog post so instead of Mrs. Squirrel or her husband Mr. Squirrel it will just be Mrs. S or Mr. S.

I mused while we were hanging out talking that I would write a blog post about our adventures so here it is. I did warn you Mrs. S lol.

We hadn't seen each other in a bit. It just so happen she went out of town, I went out of town. I got sick, she got sick. Life got in the way. But it's okay she happens to be one of my BFF's. We happen to have the type of relationship that we could go months without hearing from each other and if we sat down together we'd pick up like nothing happened.

In the way of Grey's Anatomy... she's my person.

I swung by to pick up Mrs. S cause she was too lazy to get gas... haha she can hit me later for that. And we were off on our adventures. I had wanted to go to Ulta so we popped by there first. I needed to buy a new base coat for my nails. This is when I learned Mrs. S coupons... I mean gets excited about coupons lol. I coupon but I don't get as excited as Mrs. S does. But who doesn't love saving money.

After we purchased our things from Ulta we decided to head to the mall. I have a photo session with Mr. Y here soon so I wanted her help picking out an outfit. But we decided we needed coffee. So here is the first thing I swore I would blog about!!

Can we go to the Starbucks here because the Starbucks at the mall doesn't heat their milk warm enough?

Okay fair enough. I actually don't like the Starbucks at the mall. It's one of those tiny booths and not a real one, and okay they have messed up my order. So I drove to park in front of the Starbucks that was in the shopping center we were at.

We get in line and I order first... and then I hear her order... BLACK TEA. 
So yes I had to harass her that she wanted this Starbucks for the warmer milk and she got tea.
I called her prissy lol.

We head out to the mall drinking our drinks. We had to stop off at Sephora, if not just the reason to walk inside. Mrs. S and I are big Sephora girls. And then we went to Old Navy cause it's the reason I wanted to go out. And she helped me pick out a sweater tunic thingie dress. And rolled her eyes at my Hello Kitty purchase. Yes what kind of Asian is she, she doesn't like Hello Kitty lol.

While we are walking around looking for tights/leggings to go with the sweater tunic she wanted to stop and get Mr. S something. He picked up rank too so big celebration ya know ya know.

I am not a patient person. Actually you will hear me say often I am impatiently patiently waiting. So while she was trying to get something for Mr. S the sales assistant kept walking away. And it started to show after a while... meh sorry Mrs. S but you were getting impatient too. Sales person really did keep walking away it was RUDE.

Oh wait it just dawned on me we didn't get boba tea :/ UGH!!

But she teased me I was impatient in the store. I admit it. I am impatient. There I said it. My name is Mrs. Y and I am impatient.

We left not finding tights/leggings. And I went to drop her off... she says I tried to kill her o.O I didn't I swear.

Someone messed up my airbag in my car so the passenger air bag isn't working. It's turned off. Well I went to turn and didn't quite press the gas hard enough then hard enough. So I luggilish crossed into traffic and Mrs. S swore I was gonna kill her.


lol I would never!!! She safely made it home. And we need to do it again.

I love my Mrs. Y and Mrs. S adventures.

Friday, November 30, 2012

My first real chance to blog

This week had been hectic for me. And although I've been at my desk I couldn't take the time to blog.

I've been rearranging my diary... hehe okay I had to call it that after reading some British books the past few days. My schedule. I've had a few things come up as a surprise so I've rearranged others.

Mr. Y also advanced, and here. So I have been going through his uniforms. I've been sewing crows onto them after removing the old ones.

We are packing to move. So I have been doing laundry and packing away summer clothes or clothes we won't wear so we can put into storage. And tossing things away.

And I have the lovely joy of balancing the check books, yes I said books because we have more than one.

So although I've been at my desk I've been at my desk doing other things with the keyboard up and away. SO not blogging :(

Friday, April 13, 2012

Will she not stop?

UPDATE April 2, 2013: The freedom of speech allows me to express my feelings the way that I would like to. I would like to say the picture is a screen shot image of my desktop, and has the website address of where the information was obtained, I did not site nor give credit because it is in the photo. So there is no copy right intended because for me credit was already given in the photo. 

When will she stop making up lies about me and bashing me?

This has gone on since November.

I asked her back in November to leave me alone. She won't.

She has gone on several groups on FB to bash me. Am I the only one she does this to?

NO!! She has done this to several women.

But right now she's obsessing over me and won't stop.

When will she stop??? 

I don't know but I truly hope it is soon. 

She accused me of defaming her... when I posed her harassing emails to me. Mind you I didn't alter the emails that she sent me. I posted them as is. But she altered a few things to play the victim. Nice!

Thanks again to my friends for the support. This person is not someone you want to mess with and you will want to stay away from.  She has gotten several people to believe her story. As my friends knows that she is lying some people don't realize it. I have been shocked to see that several bloggers have joined in with her. The harassment has occurred over FB for the public to see and more lies spread.

She wrote she is moving soon. Is that when she will leave me alone???? 

I know my friends had said maybe she will find someone new. This woman has tried to ruin several photography businesses in the area. She has posted on websites that the photographer is harassing her (make up emails, phone calls, and texts) and then tell people to shut the photographer's business down. 

I am glad I have friends documenting what she is doing. I hope that she stops and doesn't do this to any one else. I am sorry to my friends that have had this girl's harassment. She has even harassed pregnant women!! She doesn't know when to stop.

I am still keeping a smile on my face. I won't let her get me down!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Just don't understand people??

I decided to switch over to the Timeline that Facebook has. 

Through a few pages I run I have gotten used to it (back in at the end of March they forced all pages to switch over to the new Timeline).  

So today I thought... okay why not just switch over now... makes complete sense to me.

I go through the tour and upload my "cover photo". And then started a tour. I then see bright as day a photo I am tagged in that I don't want to be tagged in. I remove the tag. This goes on for a bit from the same person. When I get to a certain one it prompts me to just ask the user to remove the photo.

Sounds easy... I walk through the steps on Facebook. And Facebook sends an automated response.

The "Hey, I don't like this..." was generated by Facebook. I sent it because it had a picture attached so this person could go... oh that one, and just remove it. 

But no I get this string of messages. I blocked out both of our pictures and blocked out names. 

But how am I being immature for asking for a photo of me to be removed?? A photo I thought was removed a long time ago. But then found out today no it's not removed!!! And I don't want it there. 

Now I know if I had photos of this person up they would be stomping their feet wanting me to take it down right then and there. But I kindly ask them (*FB kindly asked them*). 

Then when this person even states don't write me again... Okay I can do that. I then told them that I would report the photo to FB so that FB could take it down (since it was apparent they were not going to).

As you see I reminded her FB sent her the picture. But this point in time I had walked away from my computer and the messages were coming to my iPad. So I can't send her the photo at this point in time and reminded her FB sent the photo to her. You can see it in this message stream, well sorta.

People like this frustrated me and they happen to widely populate the world.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Warning... this will be a long blog post. But worth the read ;)

A relationship should be between two people, but with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter it can go beyond the couple and branch into other people.  But from there it can branch further and hitting other avenues like blogs, Tumbler, and other things.  It can go beyond the couple and onto family and friends, or perhaps spread onto strangers.  As each branch occurs more contact is happening, it becomes a game of telephone much like we played as a child and details begin to twist, and often enough soon comments are made that an individual has no idea about because of the impression they received beyond first hand experiences.

It would shock a few to realize that I am a tad shy of completing my sociology degree. That a year plus ago I was in the throws of having 15 minutes to run in between classes, a messenger bag full of books, and a few part time jobs to make ends meet.  That for several years in the realm of sociology I studied humanistic behavior specializing in what society deems as deviant behavior.

Of course after a while you begin to question why one particular thing is considered deviant, who is in the society that dictates what is or is not deviant, and why do we live in a society with social norms when so many of it's individuals like to "step outside the lines' so to speak.

If you were to pull out the papers I have written for classes you would see a theme pattern, sexual deviance.  But not just sexual deviance as nearly every sexual act can be deemed deviant depending upon who is judging examining it.  I have leaned towards transgendered category in the LGBT community, specifically male to female transitions.

Yet here I am as an individual writing about relationships. Not relationships between any specific persons, so not defining labels between female-male, male-male, or female-female, just plain relationships.  Let's just pretend for a moment we live in a society with no gender roles so we can approach the subject matter.

After reading a few things on Twitter, Facebook, and some blogs I was inspired to research a bit more on the subject matter.  I saw mainly woman judging other women on relationships they saw.  Not just to the women they were judging but to other women.  And then to see a group of women gather together and judge at a whole.  Upon further examination if one was to research further the women judging were completely wrong because of misconstrued facts.

A group of people of various age ranges, gender sexuality, etc were polled using Survey Monkey and Facebook.  Using Survey Monkey I was limited to 10 questions using their free account.  Opening the survey to 68 individuals allowed for a more unique range than in a college setting of traditional and nontraditional students.  In this group there were people who were serving or had served in the Armed Forces, people who were/are in a relationship with someone in the military, and who by my own hypothesis were thought to participate in the survey.  Of course it is assumed that by clicking the link provided in the event detail they were agreeing to participate and they were given the ability to skip questions if they did not feel comfortable answering.  Proper sociological research technique was not used because this was not something I would write about in hopes of getting published.  This was just for my own use.

Of the 68 people who were invited 26 decided to participate with 1 not fully completing the survey.

Eight questions were asked:

1. When it comes to someone else's relationship do you think it matters how long
they have been with that person to decide if they love each other or if
their relationship is real? If you think there is an appropriate time period
please list that (so if someone should be dating for 3 months or 3 weeks, etc)

2. Are you someone who has judged someone by their relationship for how long they 
have been with a person?

3. Do you know of anyone who judges someone by how long they have been
in a relationship?

4. Have you ever called someone a 'tag chaser'?

5. Have you been called a 'tag chaser'? 
If yes did it offend you and/or hurt your feelings

6. Have you dated multiple people that have been in the military? 
i.e. you once dated someone in the Army and years later dated someone in the Navy

7. If someone were talking about a friend of yours relationship, would you defend the
friend or remain silent? (say these people do not know you are their friend)

8. Are you in the military?

The first page was a welcome: "Hello :) This is a survey about a few questions regarding relationships. I would appreciate honest and open answers. Please not your names will not be used.  I am creating a blog about relationships."

And before the two 'tag chaser' questions: Tag chaser: a term that defines someone that

The questions along with responses:
*3 people skipped this question*

If yes did it offend you and/or hurt your feelings
3 responses, 1 of which had marked no
1. "it really bothered me because I have only been with my husband, and yes he is military
but I knew him before hand"
2. You're attracted to who you're attracted to, military shouldn't pay a part. Although
once you've been in a military relationship it's easier to begin another one because
you're used to it. It becomes a lifestyle. *this person had marked no*
3. yes it did

*1 person skipped this question*
*1 person skipped this question*

I was pleased to see the different responses for question 1.  And that the general response of those polled were that it didn't matter to them how long a person had been with someone.  As I pull out one of my textbooks making one of my sociology professors proud that I kept, Gender Roles: A Sociological Perspective by Linda L. Lindsey, I will quote a few things.  "Americans are so accustomed to viewing love and marriage as inseparable..." and it was only in "the Puritan era in the United States ushered in the revolutionary idea that love and marriage should be tied together".  I found those two thoughts important when thinking about this topic.  

In the majority of military relationships (or any relationship for that matter) there are certain love myths around.  A few from the book are love conquers all, love is blind, love at first sight, and one and only love forever.  I'll give a few quotes found around the internet that people in military relationships tend to use (for the majority).

"When you feel alone, just look at the spaces between your fingers,
remembering that in those spaces you see my fingers locked with yours forever"

"Sometimes you just have to be with the one who makes you smile,
even if it means waiting."

"The thought of being with you tomorrow gives me the strength to go on today"

From what I have noticed women in military relationships are more likely to gather in groups in support of one thing, that the person they love is in the military.  These groups can range in different things but they all look and hope for one thing: support.  More often enough quotes and sayings are found to help through a deployment or long period apart.  A military relationship can also fall into the category of long distance relationship so in ways they can go hand in hand.  But if you were to sit down a handful of people in a military relationship (made of mostly women) there would be the majority in that group that think there is a difference between their military relationship and a "civilian relationship" (defined as neither of the couples is in the military). But there are the same problems in a civilian relationship as there are in a military one.  

From what I can tell from previous research in the area of stepping outside a relationship, or cheating, it is more likely to happy when a person is distant from the relationship, or lacking something.  When you have a long distance relationship there is a strain already present in the relationship.  Add in that one of a person in the couple relationship is in the military in deployments cheating can happen.  From the different talks to individuals who have gone on deployments and have admitted to cheating wants me to research this further but without being enrolled in school currently I am limited at what I can do.  But what if research indicates that more than half of the military population have cheated.  This group of individuals marks a sustainable amount of society so would the correlation equate to around 30% or higher. 

Was it comforting to see an almost equal portion judged a person by their relationship? I would assume the statistical average I saw is similar in a larger group because of how easily it is to judge a person.  People in a society have the habit of doing this every day.  For instance you could see a homeless person in the streets begging for money and assume he is poor, but after his 'work' day is done he could walk over and step inside a BMW.  Perception is everything.  When an individual in a society portrays themselves as one way it is easy to judge.  But then with the third question being if they knew of anyone who judged was more alarming than the second question.  Hands down people knew others who judged.  This is what started this whole blog in the first place. Me seeing others judge and cast judgment. 

I purposefully defined 'tag chaser' because I am aware that people misuse the word. It is mostly used as a derogatory term like calling someone a bad name, and meant to attack and hurt their feelings.  I especially liked the comment "...although once you've been in a military relationship. It's EASIER to begin another one because you're used to it. It becomes a lifestyle almost..." In my own personal experience I found that partially true.  Shortly after I moved to Virginia I joined a dating website and had met a few individuals I dated or attempted to date and hands down a man in the military was looking for a woman who had previous dated someone in the military in hopes that she would understand and be more accepting of the lifestyle.  And as I expected with the question 6 others had dated other people that were in the military like myself.  Whether they purposefully went after those relationships or found those were the only people attracted to themselves.  When the pool is small it's harder to find different variety of fish ;)

I am glad to see majority of those polled would speak up to defend their friend in question 7. And that no one polled would join in on the conversation. In several blogs posts around the Internet I have seen people I knew in real life joining in on the conversation and participating.  If further blogs and other social media sites were investigated I wonder if there would be a low statistical representation of not joining in on the conversation.  Or should I have (if given the opportunity) asked if it was easier to distance yourself on the Internet than in real life. I know several people who remain anonymous on the Internet so is it a safety net, can you be harsher to your friends than in real life. Of course the only way to figure this out would be to submit a poll to those anonymous individuals and hope they participate, of course without revealing their identity.

Are you still with me, or have I lost you? Did you wonder on to a different much shorter blog post of another blogger not expecting this from me? Did it shock any of my readers that I am a sociology major and in fact only have a handful of classes to finish my degree? 

For those of you who quietly answered the questions I asked, did you follow along with majority? Were you shocked to really see what the term 'tag chaser' meant. I know I have seen it thrown around lately being misused, which I will assume is from miseducation. Were you alarmed at your answers? Remember it's never too late to change your attitude towards things.

I hope that I am given the opportunity to continue this study.  Be able to ask the questions (and more) to a broader range of people and definatily on a larger scale.  I was hoping a few people I had invited that I knew were serving would answer, but perhaps they could not. 

Don't worry my next blog post will be much shorter :)

Saturday, April 7, 2012



This was sent to me today, thank you dear friend for doing so, to cheer me up.

It was cute and something I definitely something I needed.