Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Fog, Monsters, and Bears... oh my

I didn't realize what it meant to fortify oneself until I awoke that morning. 
I've read enough books set in the early 1700/1800 England. Where one fortifies oneself with a cup of tea. But the concept never really hit me until I awoke with a deep ache in my ribs. 
It was a cold morning, the type of cold that reaches your bones. 
I woke up to this...

Washington, the state that makes you wonder if you're in a horror movie. No, wait that's Maine. 

I love living in the great state of Washington. But I can truly say that I didn't know what fog was until moving here. 

A foggy day for me growing up was having a smell fog roll through. Due to the manure pastures and the reasons that fog exists some mornings growing up in rural Indiana involved fog. The fog in Washington is triple that of what I grew up with. It redefined the word fog.

One day driving passing the Snohomish River I stated to my husband, man it's foggy. He chuckled. He's experienced the fog more than I have on his way to work. And we chuckled that it was the type of fog that if we passed by some girl with long black hair and in white long dress we wouldn't stop.

One day going to get my husband I actually questioned if they were making the sequel to the Mist. And the fact I was headed towards base didn't help. I was expecting some sort of monster to walk out of the fog.

Sea Mist is something that I enjoy. The difference between a mist and a fog is how far you can see. What I define as a sea mist is the mist that creeps along the shore and you can still make out the boats and other objects. 

In other words... I enjoy the fog. But does it have to be so creepy?

There are some days where the fog is just a beautiful opportunity to take photos. And there are others where you just want to hide under the cover because you know there are monsters there.

The fact that around me are mountains. I wake up every morning with a beautiful view of Mount Baker. Wherever I drive I see mountains. 

Mountains and fog... cue in the howling noises. I expect wolves and bears. Little Red Riding Hood, things like that. Because of the stories I grew up reading.

Living in the great state of Washington winter has been redefined of me. When I think of snow I hope for a lot and praying my snowboard gets here soon. Where we live it's kind of a cocoon. A safe place away from the snow but where there is rain and fog.

I love living here and the adventures that come living in Washington. Just please no horror movies out of this state. Leave it to Maine.