Friday, April 13, 2012

Will she not stop?

UPDATE April 2, 2013: The freedom of speech allows me to express my feelings the way that I would like to. I would like to say the picture is a screen shot image of my desktop, and has the website address of where the information was obtained, I did not site nor give credit because it is in the photo. So there is no copy right intended because for me credit was already given in the photo. 

When will she stop making up lies about me and bashing me?

This has gone on since November.

I asked her back in November to leave me alone. She won't.

She has gone on several groups on FB to bash me. Am I the only one she does this to?

NO!! She has done this to several women.

But right now she's obsessing over me and won't stop.

When will she stop??? 

I don't know but I truly hope it is soon. 

She accused me of defaming her... when I posed her harassing emails to me. Mind you I didn't alter the emails that she sent me. I posted them as is. But she altered a few things to play the victim. Nice!

Thanks again to my friends for the support. This person is not someone you want to mess with and you will want to stay away from.  She has gotten several people to believe her story. As my friends knows that she is lying some people don't realize it. I have been shocked to see that several bloggers have joined in with her. The harassment has occurred over FB for the public to see and more lies spread.

She wrote she is moving soon. Is that when she will leave me alone???? 

I know my friends had said maybe she will find someone new. This woman has tried to ruin several photography businesses in the area. She has posted on websites that the photographer is harassing her (make up emails, phone calls, and texts) and then tell people to shut the photographer's business down. 

I am glad I have friends documenting what she is doing. I hope that she stops and doesn't do this to any one else. I am sorry to my friends that have had this girl's harassment. She has even harassed pregnant women!! She doesn't know when to stop.

I am still keeping a smile on my face. I won't let her get me down!!


  1. Oh dear :( I'm so sick and tired of drama these days, you just hang in there *hug*

  2. Man she is a freaking nut job. Makes me want to tell her off. And who cares if this isn't your first marriage????? At least you have some common decency. She is a disgrace to women everywhere.


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