Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mary Kay Review

I received some Mary Kay products through Influenster in a Mary Kay VoxBox. 

I was initially excited to have been offered this. But due to moving the box was delayed. No big deal though. And when I opened up the box a near complete makeover was included.

Eye liner cream, bronzing powder, blush, translucent powder, eye shadow, mascara, and lip gloss. 

 Also included were brushes. Three brushes: powder, eye shadow, and eye liner. 

The eye shadow was a cream based eye shadow. 
I wasn't a fan... I applied this with the brush included specifically for cream eyeshadow and concealor (written on the brush). I had a hard time with the application. I applied the above look with my finger, that was easier for me. 

Next I used the gel eyeliner...
The brush was too hard for my liking. I am a fan of gel eyeliner and my previous brush worked better. But this is the brush Mary Kay provided. It's compact. But too rough for me. 

Next I applied some bronzer. Now I have not had success with bronzer before. But this ended up being the best one I've tried. But I don't like how it came. Mary Kay sells it like this so you can pop it out and put in cases, did not include a case. And kept falling out of this container. 

I then applied the blush. I use Nars blush. This was a bit deeper color. It turned out great though.

So here is my overall look. I do not like the lip gloss. It has a strange feel to it. I ended up wiping it off after taking this photo. Nick says this color looks good on me but wouldn't kiss me because "it feels gross". 

I used to buy Mary Kay products but due to the lip gloss and other texture of their products I stopped. I usually get Nars. So I was excited to try this out!!

Overall yes it was lovely. But I would ditch a few things. The eye shadow will go in my purse because it's an easy on the go application. The gel eyeliner just needed a brush change and it was good to go. As you can see the application with the brush provided wasn't good. And you need eye makeup remover if you made a mistake. 

I hated the lipgloss. But this is the issue I've had before with Mary Kay. I never liked their lipstick or lipgloss. I would have never picked that color for myself but it looks good on me. 

The blush and bronzer I would have never picked out and glad I received them. They will stay in my makeup routine for now. 

I am satisfied with the Mary Kay products. I was happy with what I received. But it wasn't enough to change my mind about their makeup. 

I'm still a Nars/Urban Decay girl. Their texture just feels better. 

This is my review for the Influenster Mary Kay VoxBox which was provided to me by Influenster. 

Homemade Fish Sticks or Fish Fingers

Blogging from my phone again since my laptop charger hasn't arrived. 

I went to Pike Place Market and got some halibut. While eating some baked halibut I just thought that this fish would be a great fish to make fish sticks out of. 

So I tried it. My first attempted I made fish nuggets. I can admit I was nervous so made smaller ones in case they weren't good. 

But they were a hit. 

So I decided to do fish sticks or what I call fish fingers because I made them bigger than fish sticks. 

First you're going to need white fish. I used halibut but there are other types of white fish you can use. I took the skin off and sliced them into thick chunks. 

For the wet mix I used 2 eggs. For the dry mix I used bread crumbs, panko, garlic powder, onion powder, salt & pepper (you can add more it's up to you). 

I dipped the fish into the wet mix, then the dry mix. I tried to use a wet hand and dry hand but let's face it... Doesn't always work out that way. 

I then fried them in canola oil. And tada. 

Fish fingers!!

These are yummy. I pair them with my version of curly fries. 

Now go make yourself some fish sticks!! 

Nick wants me to make these in advance to freeze so he can bake them. They are that good!!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Trip Through iPhone Photos

I will properly add photos of our trip later but for now these. 

Mount Rushmore... Honestly isn't as big as I thought it would be. But it's breathtaking. 

Devil Tower... Now this thing is huge. 

And I heard my first rattle snake in Montana. Joy! 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


So just to update as I haven't blogger recently. 

Nick and I moved to Washington state. We travelled from the East Coast through the Midwest and found our way to the West Coast of Washington. 

We visited family back home. 

Visited some things on the way. 

I have plenty of photos to share. 

Problem... I left my laptop charger at a relatives house so waiting for it to be shipped. Once I get it I can upload photos of our awesome journey.