Sunday, December 22, 2013

Santa isn't about race

In the mist of the news blow out of Santa is white not black, wait what race is he... honestly does it matter... wait I'll get to that.

I attended an event where Santa was present.  Santa told The Night Before Christmas. Then the kids sat on Santa's lap and they told him what they wanted for Christmas. 

Some adults got into the fun. And then Santa asked me if I wanted to sit on his lap. Umm... Dearest Santa I'm Jewish and don't believe in you. 

Santa insisted. So I grabbed Nick. I sat down next to Santa and Nick ended up sitting on top of my lap. And someone took a picture of us with my camera. 

Santa whispered to me "the point of me is to get you to smile" and Santa was right. 

As it is Christmas Eve the hope of Santa is in the air. Smiles are throughout because of that hope. That wish of having a present you wanted. 

It doesn't matter what color Santa is. It is what Santa stands for. Happiness. 

So tonight take a piece of that happiness for you. And when I get on my computer I'll post the pic of Nick and I with Santa.