Sunday, December 22, 2013

Santa isn't about race

In the mist of the news blow out of Santa is white not black, wait what race is he... honestly does it matter... wait I'll get to that.

I attended an event where Santa was present.  Santa told The Night Before Christmas. Then the kids sat on Santa's lap and they told him what they wanted for Christmas. 

Some adults got into the fun. And then Santa asked me if I wanted to sit on his lap. Umm... Dearest Santa I'm Jewish and don't believe in you. 

Santa insisted. So I grabbed Nick. I sat down next to Santa and Nick ended up sitting on top of my lap. And someone took a picture of us with my camera. 

Santa whispered to me "the point of me is to get you to smile" and Santa was right. 

As it is Christmas Eve the hope of Santa is in the air. Smiles are throughout because of that hope. That wish of having a present you wanted. 

It doesn't matter what color Santa is. It is what Santa stands for. Happiness. 

So tonight take a piece of that happiness for you. And when I get on my computer I'll post the pic of Nick and I with Santa. 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Our Charlie Brown Tree

For the past week I've been looking for a Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

I happened to notice it a while ago. The Starbucks I go to has one up. 

And Nick happens to celebrate Christmas. He helped me celebrate Chanukah. So yes I will celebrate Christmas with him. 

He wanted a real tree. But I'm allergic to them. I'm allergic to evergreens and the plants affect my asthma too. 

We weren't going to purchase a fake tree because honestly they go on sale after Christmas so we decided to wait. 

So when I saw the Charlie Brown tree I wanted to find it. But I couldn't. 

I went out with Nick for the hunt for the tree. He said don't worry about it after a few stores. We got home and there was a box at the front door. 

His grandma had sent the tree. 

There is our Charlie Brown tree. 

The little Merry Christmas does not have a photo yet. You'll see why in another blog post. 

Oh wait is that Justin Bieber wrapping paper??


You see we have bought some gifts for friends and family. At Target I spotted Doc McStuffins wrapping paper. I happen to like Doc McStuffins (hey I nannied after all). So I grabbed it. Right next to it was Justin Bieber. So we decided boys got Justin Bieber and girls got Doc McStuffins. 

I've wrapped one girl but that went off in the mail. And one boy under the tree. I haven't wrapped the rest. And Nick's present won't fit under the tree. 

So here is our tiny little Christmas. Stay tuned for a post about Christmas. 

Monday, December 2, 2013

Your Heart is Where Your Mind Wanders

My first Fourth of July in the Hampton Roads and I was excited because I had plans. I had been dating someone over the summer and we had plans.  Of course these plans were cancelled the day of the Fourth and I decided to become single.  I had also opened up my spare bedroom to a friend so she could come out and visit her now husband who was stationed in the area. 

He was new to the area as well and it was his first Fourth of July in Hampton Roads.  He was busy with school, not being out of boot camp long.  He was friends with the above husband since boot camp.  And also in the middle of a divorce. 

When we were introduced it was a quick introduction.  This is Chelle and that is Nick type, only of course it was his last name.

We truly didn't become close until after his first deployment.  Before then we were just casually in each others life, walking in and out.  Sometimes we truly didn't know the other person was there until we were retelling the story.  But we knew well of each other and heard stories about each other.

We began to hang out.  It was nice to have someone to talk to, someone to be close to.  I would text him one word, gelato, and he would come over and take me to Cold Stone and over a cup of ice cream I would spill what was bothering me.  It was over these ice cream "dates" and other events that I went from calling him his last name to calling him Nick.

Someone I know casually mentioned Nick needed to grow a pair of balls and ask me out.
Wait!  What?
This guy I've know well over 2 years, someone I called a best friend... he couldn't like me.

And then when I heard it from Nick, I turned around and ran.

I didn't want to loose my best friend.  I was sad, I cried, I mourned...

How naive I was...
I let all the negativity that has been present in my life cloud my vision.
Yes Nick is in the Navy.  Yes I've dated service members before, was even married to one.  As a Commander in the Navy once told me at the beginning of my divorce 'not all service members are bad, you just picked the wrong one'.
Should I turn him away because he is serving our country?  Should I ignore my feelings for him because I'm older than him?  Or should I stop being stupid?

It had been a few days since I had last seen Nick and I asked him to come over.

 He kissed me and cupped my face:

"I know I could be romantic. But last time I attempted you slipped through my fingers. I won't lose you again. Will you go out with me?"

Of course I was snarky to him and said "what to the grocery store?".

I have a boyfriend.  I am fond of him and wouldn't imagine being without him.

You can be happy for me.  Or you can say negative things.  You choose which person you want to be.  I'm going to be the happy one spending time with Nick.

This is our Love Story Part 1.