Monday, September 22, 2014

Dear Airlines, Be On Time

Dear Airline Companies,

Be on time!!

When I arrived at the airport 2 hours before my flight left I expected the airline company of Frontier to be on time, as stated on their website. 


I stood in line as I watched them do various items, ignoring me as I was first in line, not acknowledging or anything. 10-15 minutes go by before I get told one of the 3 people behind the counter can help me. The friend that was with  me stated out loud how rude this was, then I was helped.

I check my luggage and make my way to the gate where my flight is to take off.

I zoomed through security through a speed I didn't expect. Having traveled since a young age and experiencing different levels of air port security (and mind you being 16 and not being able to speak any other language than English and being instructed in a language I didn't understand) this time was a breeze. Not even 4 minutes.

I arrive to my gate and read the dreaded words of "flight delayed" *insert horror scream*. I am wondering what perhaps several hundred (maybe more I don't know) wonder a day. "Am I going to make my connecting flight?"

I am wanting what typical people want after being away from home for a period of time. I want to be HOME. 

I've been away from home helping out my best friend for a period of time. I just want to get home and wrap my arms around my husband, go to my home, see my dogs, and be in the bed that I haven't been in in a while. 

But I am staring at a screen that says delayed. i

I am then watching the plane that I am to take pull in and the people that were on the plane disembark. I look at the time and I freak. 

So I asked Frontier on Twitter. And this is the response. 

Delayed 57 minutes, nearly an hour. That is how much time I had between flights... That was my layover. 

Now each airport has a specific amount of time between each layover so that the person can make their flight comfortably. 

But here I am sprinting in an airport I have no clue about. I couldn't find my flight. I noticed the coffee line didn't have a line and I grabbed a cup of coffee. I then went to find out where my flight was. 

When I arrived I boarded my plane. Yup. Got there luckily in time. Sat down and was on my way. 

I almost missed my flight. It was cutting it close. Why? Due to the crew of Frontier. Even Frontier admitted it. 

And the crew with my previous take off wouldn't shut the door... Why? Because someone was too drunk/intoxicated. They discussed this where everyone could hear. Finally shutting the door after 3 people who weren't assigned seats finally sat down. 

I used to love to fly. But it's become more of a hassle. 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Time Away

Redeye Flight
I imagined that I would sleep on this flight. Little did I realize that every time I would fall asleep something would happen. And during the last three hour stretch of it screaming baby, hey we both didn't want to be there but it wasn't acceptable for me to scream ;)

Deliciousness of bagels. How I missed thee. 
I have yet to find a good bagel place in the Seattle area. So of course I had to go to Yorgi's. 


No, not in the pond

I went swimming for a grand total of 1 time... This was upsetting since during the trip I stayed at various hotels. And pools?? Umm yeah broken ones lol

I've never seen this stretch of road so empty. We were on our way to base so my best friend could check out of the Navy, becoming a civilian again. 

That one time I crashed a wedding...

Yeah... It's sure a story to tell...

Sushi on fire

I can definitely say I've had my share of bugs. 

I've enjoyed this time away. A mini vacation for me. But helping my best friend end his Navy career and move to the Midwest to begin his civilian job. 

Can't wait to be home