Saturday, December 22, 2012

Gift Exchange

I am a big fan of gift exchanges, especially when it is closer to the holidays.

I've known Jill, who blogs under Ernestine Edna, for a bit now. And when I found out about her Ernestine Edna's Handmade Gift Exchange I decided to participate in it.

I received a package from Abby :) (I wish I could link her up but I don't have her info)

It was peeking up out of my mail box. And I am a sucker for when the mail arrives if a package comes I swoon lol.

I quickly opened it up. And I JUST HAD to snap the above picture.

Abby included a nice pin (to the left) and earrings!! I adore them they are super cute.

And then I was super surprised to see a special gift from Jill herself.
I have enjoyed this swap and hope Jill has it again.

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