Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Royal Crush

When I was growing up I had dreams and aspirations of becoming a Princess. Thank you Disney for giving me the ability to dream, and dream big.

Sadly HRH (his/her royal highness) Prince Charles of Wales was a tad bit too old for my taste. Similarly his son HRH Prince William was a tad bit too young. And growing up as a child I heard a lot about the Royal Family of Britain. Partially thanks to Princess Diana and Prince Charles.

I grew up. And well... my tastes in men became more defined (lol it's the only way I know how to put it). Some where along the line I became fascinated with Denmark and Sweden. I actually have dreams and to visit both of these countries.

In learning more about Sweden, because I am learning how to speak Swedish. I stumbled upon HRH Prince Carl of Sweden.

He just so happens to be close to my age. Sadly when I was single I did not live in Sweden nor had the ability to meet him. Damn my luck. But I have an amazing husband so I will give up my Princess dreams.

But yes I've had a crush on dear Prince Carl for some time now. I love seeing updated pictures of him. Can't quite understand why he hasn't married anyone. Meh maybe he's waiting for Mrs. Right. Sorry Prince Carl if you were waiting on me I'm spoken for lol.

Do you have a crush on someone? Oh I also like Channing Tatum of course. But when someone asks me who I have a crush on it's really Prince Carl.

So I am interested in hearing who you have a celebrity/royal crush on.

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