Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What Do You Want in a Relationship?

I've recently found myself in a weird position... a weird position for myself.

Until recently I happened to be the girl who had more guy friends than girl friends. So I would have a lot of guys asking me if I had single friends and sadly I didn't. Of the very few women that I was friends with they were all married or in a steady relationship.

Well now the tables have turned. I happen to have more girl friends than guy friends. And some of those are single. And now they are asking... do you know any guys that are single?

So it brings me to today's blog post... What do you want in a relationship?

You see one could ask "what do you want in a guy/girl?" but that truly isn't the correct question to ask. What are you going to say? I want him to be 6'5" have blonde hair and blue eyes. He needs to be HOT like Channing Tatum and have a rocking personality.  He can't be a jerk.

Or I want a girl she needs to be 5'6" no red heads, big boobs... oh yes I was asked these things once and I rolled my eyes. But you get the point.

You can't find someone based on looks.

You need to figure out what you want in a relationship?

Loyalty! This would be a big one for me. I remember back when Mr. Y and I were friends and I was discussing with him the guy of my dreams (we were just friends then). And the fact he had to be loyal was at least number one on my list or near the top.

Trust!! You have to be able to trust a person. If you don't have trust then I mean... what do you have?

Some would add in sex... I'll changing that to compatibility. Do the two of you get along? Can you get along for more than ten minutes? If you were out to dinner and after the first fifteen minutes would the rest be in silence? You need to have compatibility. Otherwise you will have many silent dinners.

I wish I could tell you the best ways to get a man. But I honestly don't know. I wasn't even looking to date him. I wasn't looking period. We became friends and soon found out we were compatible.... ERR We were friends for a very long time and in all honestly I turned my best friend into my husabnd.

My way won't work for everyone. Like one of my sisters has been married to her high school sweetheart for years. I do believe in love at first sight. Everyone has a different love story.

Although we would all love to be married to Channing Tatum (okay not all of us) but he's taken and expecting his first child. But you can find someone you are meant to be with.

It's my personal belief the big guy up stairs knows what he's doing and has the perfect someone for each of us.

I think it's why he lead me to convert to Judaism.  He does truly have things figured out. So let go and let him guide you.

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