Thursday, December 6, 2012


I am into makeup.

I don't go truly over the top but I am a big believer you get what you spend. So I invest in my makeup.

There are a few brands that I trust. Nars, Urban Decay, Smashbox...

I am allergic to certain things and I've used certain makeup and don't react so I trust them. But Bare Minerals I am highly allergic to so I avoid them. Benefit as well. I have no idea what they put it in to give me hives but I do.

I haven't bought makeup in a while. I've gotten some stuff for free here and there. But it's been a while since I purchased something. The last thing I bought when I walked into Sephora was shampoo, snap I need to go get more soon lol. I tend to only get nail polish at Ulta.

When the Naked palette came out by Urban Decay I had to have it. Only I waited because I had a ton of eye shadow and didn't want to waste it. So I waited to get it. And I love it. When the Naked 2 palette came out I wanted that one too. But again I waited.

But then this palette came out...

Urban Decay Naked Basic... 

There were a few reasons I purchased this. First it was smaller than the Naked palette that I had, which appeals to me because I can slip it into my bag and take with me. Second is a shade, W.O.S stands for Walk of Shame. 

I am a sucker for names!! The Nars lipstick/lipgloss that I have is only because of their names. Seriously Catfight, like I wasn't going to get that lipstick. Yes it happens to look good on me.

So the minute Urban Decay posted on their Facebook page a preview of this palette I had to have it. In fact it was my spurge this month.

It came in the mail and I would love to try it on and show you. But I have something wrong with my eye and am avoiding eye makeup right now.

They think I have a clogged tear duct :(  My eyes get scratchy cause tears aren't being produced and inside corner of my eye is swelled. I go to the eye doctor later on today to figure it all out.

I do need a new eye exam but it isn't that type of eye doctor. It's the good kinda haha well one that can figure out what is wrong with my eye not just check my eyes and give me an exam type. So once my eye gets sorted I will be trying these shades out.

I so far see myself using: venus, naked 2, faint, and crave the most. W.O.S. I will use as a highlighter, maybe even alone. Who knows. The choices are endless.

And they go well with my Naked palette. 

One thing I love about Urban Decay eye shadow is how long they last. By all means they have lasted longer than my Nars. My last Nars eye shadow lasted me a summer. I used it every day though so got my moneys worth. And it is something I'd use again. I have just one part of the eye shadow yet. But I am waiting for the summer to roll around to get it. 

This past summer I mainly used my Urban Decay Naked, or the last of my Nars. 

Going into winter I can switch to a neutral shade with no pop of color. My Nars has a pop of purple, my favorite color.

Have you tried this palette yet? Any other makeup? Let me know.

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