Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Just don't understand people??

I decided to switch over to the Timeline that Facebook has. 

Through a few pages I run I have gotten used to it (back in at the end of March they forced all pages to switch over to the new Timeline).  

So today I thought... okay why not just switch over now... makes complete sense to me.

I go through the tour and upload my "cover photo". And then started a tour. I then see bright as day a photo I am tagged in that I don't want to be tagged in. I remove the tag. This goes on for a bit from the same person. When I get to a certain one it prompts me to just ask the user to remove the photo.

Sounds easy... I walk through the steps on Facebook. And Facebook sends an automated response.

The "Hey, I don't like this..." was generated by Facebook. I sent it because it had a picture attached so this person could go... oh that one, and just remove it. 

But no I get this string of messages. I blocked out both of our pictures and blocked out names. 

But how am I being immature for asking for a photo of me to be removed?? A photo I thought was removed a long time ago. But then found out today no it's not removed!!! And I don't want it there. 

Now I know if I had photos of this person up they would be stomping their feet wanting me to take it down right then and there. But I kindly ask them (*FB kindly asked them*). 

Then when this person even states don't write me again... Okay I can do that. I then told them that I would report the photo to FB so that FB could take it down (since it was apparent they were not going to).

As you see I reminded her FB sent her the picture. But this point in time I had walked away from my computer and the messages were coming to my iPad. So I can't send her the photo at this point in time and reminded her FB sent the photo to her. You can see it in this message stream, well sorta.

People like this frustrated me and they happen to widely populate the world.

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  1. Argh, I totally understand your frustration! :( Hope FB get it sorted out for you.


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