Sunday, October 6, 2013

Welcome Home

With great joy I welcomed back an iPhone into my life. 

Recently I got an iPhone 5C in green. My first choices were the pink or green. I ended up getting a 16GB phone because I have a 32GB iPad so don't need that much room. 

I decided against the iPhone 5S or iPhone 5. The last iPhone I had was the 4S. And when the iPhone 5 came out I was unsure of it. 

Because I went to the store I didn't ask about the 5 because they had the 5S and 5C out. 

I played with both. But ended up with the 5C because of the color. 

This phone is so much lighter than the 4S I was used to. I've had every Apple phone except the 5. And yes each time they do get lighter and more tech savvy. 

The guy I am dating did try to talk me into a Samsung Galaxy phone. But true to my heart I am an Apple girl. 

I've had a Mac since starting college. 

I'm glad to have my own phone and not be borrowing one. And especially glad to be an Apple user again. 

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