Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sunshine in a Cloud of Rain

It started as a typical day for me. And by the end of the day I had wished it ended in a typical day.
I had planned on going to the gym and I dragged someone with me. Woke up the angry dragon from a nap, seriously would have rather battled a dragon than wake up this friend again. Or as I said next time cattle prod.

I had been putting off going to the gym. But I needed to as I have been experiencing some shoulder pain so need to work my shoulder out.

I'm a 1 mile on the elliptical the lifting weights type of a girl. This day I went 1.6 miles before heading to lift weights cause I was with someone... And this is why I prefer the gym alone. After the third weight stationed I was abandoned.

I did five pull ups which I was VERY excited. I didn't use as much help as the first time I did a pull up. But I'm working on doing a pull up on my own. Five after doing 30 reps of 5 different machines that do upper body. So yes I was excited!

I had planned all day to make hamburgers. Hamburgers with caramelized onions. Oh you know the kind with whiskey and brown sugar ooh yes those kind of caramelized onions.

I had enough for 2. So my workout buddy and myself would have hamburgers.

Long story short one yummy hamburger was made and the other ended up on the floor. I cried.

Don't mess with my food!! This is a type of girl I am. If you go to take food off my plate you might come back with a fork in your hand... My food!!!

I ended up in a crumpled mess in the kitchen. I wanted to cry, yes that is how serious it was, but my body wouldn't let me.

My workout buddy left and returned with a strawberry soda float, hamburger, and fries from a local drive in.

There was my sunshine in the cloud of rain. All it took was a soda float. Yup I'm that simple.

Now if the rest of the week could go well...  

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