Sunday, October 13, 2013

PG Texting

I was getting frustrated trying to text. 

As anyone knows with an iPhone it doesn't like to cuss. It changes words to others like duck. 

A friend was watching me and saw me backspacing after it did it. They said "your iPhone is like having a Christian kid next to you telling you to stop". 

Yup. A strict Christian child shaking it's head at me at the equivalent to duck... Sigh. 

Then I thought. What if I didn't correct it. Would my friends know what I was saying? "Can you ducking believe it?"

Yes the phone learned after a while. Had to teach it to cuss. That butch wasn't a word I was looking for nor was duck. 

Ok, ok maybe I shouldn't loving call one of my friends a B word but ya know what it's done so lovingly. 

What if I'm cussing in response to telling a story of what words flew out of my mouth when I hurt my shoulder the other day. 

Ok I agree it is nice the iPhone doesn't come out of the gates with bad verbiage. Oh I had to explain that word to someone the other day...

I'm still on the hunt for a case. Oh boy it's hard. I fumble phones and need a good case. 

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