Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Expectation VS Reality

As I sat down and took a glorious sip of a Salted Carmel Mocha I had hoped the power of Starbucks could lift the weight off my shoulders.

I had set myself up in a little nook and began updating my iPad. Responding to emails as I enjoyed my coffee.

I expected the downloads to occur quickly.  In reality it took over an hour and a half!! The new operating system decided to download on it's on, not asking me as I knew I didnt have the time.

I had only allotted an hour at Starbucks.  It was enough time for me to finish a cup of coffee, check the things online I needed to check, and update apps on my iPad.

As the time ticketed on I began to kiss away the other things I needed to do. A friend had lent me their car so I could do x, y, and z and here I was stuck on y. Oh yes I completed x before Starbucks.

I've been having issues lately with expectation versus reality.

This is not 100% my fault but I could do things to help the process. While things are not always in my control,  I can help them along.

Ok, take a deep breath :)

It will be ok

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