Monday, November 3, 2014

Sun, Dear Sun, Where Did You Go?

Dear Sun,

Oh my dearest Sun. The bright object that raises in the sky that defines morning from night. I miss thee.

It truly feels nice when the sun finally peaks from the clouds and there is a sunny day. But lately the weather has been gloomy. But what did I expect. I mean we live in the PNW (Pacific Northwest).

Some days I feel like I am chasing the sun. Because I can see it peaking from behind the clouds and I know it's there. I yearn for it to be there.

I miss summer.

I guess that is what I mean to say.

The warmth of my skin.

Hello Fall... or what I call early winter. 40 degree days that make me want to stay in bed. The fact that by 6pm night has come and YAWN it feels like it too. Pitch black dark.

My first winter in the PNW is starting out grand lol.

Vitamin D anyone?


  1. I love the seasons but can't stand too many grey days.

    1. Me as well. Fall colors but more sun.


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