Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Time Away

Redeye Flight
I imagined that I would sleep on this flight. Little did I realize that every time I would fall asleep something would happen. And during the last three hour stretch of it screaming baby, hey we both didn't want to be there but it wasn't acceptable for me to scream ;)

Deliciousness of bagels. How I missed thee. 
I have yet to find a good bagel place in the Seattle area. So of course I had to go to Yorgi's. 


No, not in the pond

I went swimming for a grand total of 1 time... This was upsetting since during the trip I stayed at various hotels. And pools?? Umm yeah broken ones lol

I've never seen this stretch of road so empty. We were on our way to base so my best friend could check out of the Navy, becoming a civilian again. 

That one time I crashed a wedding...

Yeah... It's sure a story to tell...

Sushi on fire

I can definitely say I've had my share of bugs. 

I've enjoyed this time away. A mini vacation for me. But helping my best friend end his Navy career and move to the Midwest to begin his civilian job. 

Can't wait to be home

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