Monday, February 3, 2014

Raise Your Arm Challenge

Recently I took the Dove Raise Your Arm Challenge.

I was supplied Dove Advance Care Deodorant through Influenster.

Did you know that you can remove 36% of your skin when you shave?
I didn't know until my Dove Deodorant Influenster Box came in the mail.

This will be a review of Dove Advance Care Deodorant (Dove) that I received as a part of Influenster to check out and review. 

The container isn't one that I've seen before in a deodorant. Actually when I first opened the box and saw this I thought it looked more like a haircare product.  It's 2.6oz and states that it is a 48 hour antiperspirant deodorant.

 I put it on shortly after receiving it. Due to the snow in the area we haven't received mail in a few days so our mail came quite early when this arrived.

The smell is a floral scent and reminds me of Dove products. I use Dove soap to wash with.

Currently I use Secret Clinical Strength Waterproof. It comes in a 1.6oz container and has 20% antiperspirant.

Overall I prefer the Dove over the Secret.  The smell is better and the quantity is more. But does it work better than Secret?

After I put it on I slid on a black tank top (yes it's winter this was my base layer). And the Dove did not smear all over the tank top. So thumbs up on that!!

I had an appointment. I had hurt my shoulder and needed an MRA to see what was wrong. So off to the hospital I went.  I had to go to Fluoroscopy first. My shoulder was numbed and a very large needle was stuck into my shoulder to inject dye (it was not fun). Even though my shoulder was numb it hurt and I know I was sweating a lot.

I then went over to the MRI.  Not sure if you've ever had an MRI but I basically tell people it's like being inside a tube of toothpaste. It is very narrow. By this point I'm in a lot of pain and I know I'm sweating.

Did the Dove let me down? No!

I finished with the MRI. Went and got dinner. And then watched Nick play with Lulu in the snow. And here several hours later it's like I just put it on.

So Dove now I challenge you. I will be running a 5K in May.  Can you handle that? We'll see.

I recommend that you go out and purchase this deodorant. Especially if you are like me and tend to sweat a lot, especially in nervous situations.

I've used this deodorant for the past few days... and I've noticed a difference.

So why don't you take the Dove Raise Your Arm Challenge and see what Dove Deodorant can do for you.

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