Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mary Kay Review

I received some Mary Kay products through Influenster in a Mary Kay VoxBox. 

I was initially excited to have been offered this. But due to moving the box was delayed. No big deal though. And when I opened up the box a near complete makeover was included.

Eye liner cream, bronzing powder, blush, translucent powder, eye shadow, mascara, and lip gloss. 

 Also included were brushes. Three brushes: powder, eye shadow, and eye liner. 

The eye shadow was a cream based eye shadow. 
I wasn't a fan... I applied this with the brush included specifically for cream eyeshadow and concealor (written on the brush). I had a hard time with the application. I applied the above look with my finger, that was easier for me. 

Next I used the gel eyeliner...
The brush was too hard for my liking. I am a fan of gel eyeliner and my previous brush worked better. But this is the brush Mary Kay provided. It's compact. But too rough for me. 

Next I applied some bronzer. Now I have not had success with bronzer before. But this ended up being the best one I've tried. But I don't like how it came. Mary Kay sells it like this so you can pop it out and put in cases, did not include a case. And kept falling out of this container. 

I then applied the blush. I use Nars blush. This was a bit deeper color. It turned out great though.

So here is my overall look. I do not like the lip gloss. It has a strange feel to it. I ended up wiping it off after taking this photo. Nick says this color looks good on me but wouldn't kiss me because "it feels gross". 

I used to buy Mary Kay products but due to the lip gloss and other texture of their products I stopped. I usually get Nars. So I was excited to try this out!!

Overall yes it was lovely. But I would ditch a few things. The eye shadow will go in my purse because it's an easy on the go application. The gel eyeliner just needed a brush change and it was good to go. As you can see the application with the brush provided wasn't good. And you need eye makeup remover if you made a mistake. 

I hated the lipgloss. But this is the issue I've had before with Mary Kay. I never liked their lipstick or lipgloss. I would have never picked that color for myself but it looks good on me. 

The blush and bronzer I would have never picked out and glad I received them. They will stay in my makeup routine for now. 

I am satisfied with the Mary Kay products. I was happy with what I received. But it wasn't enough to change my mind about their makeup. 

I'm still a Nars/Urban Decay girl. Their texture just feels better. 

This is my review for the Influenster Mary Kay VoxBox which was provided to me by Influenster. 

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