Monday, March 17, 2014


I recently had a lesson in perspective that has opened my eyes.

I have a white dwarf rabbit.  Every now and again I give him a page from a newspaper. He rips this page into tiny pieces.  I think he enjoys doing it...

Recently Nick asked me "what if he doesn't like it? ...  what if it pisses him off and he's ripping the paper in spite."

I never thought of that...

So we both watched him with the paper.  When we walk into the room he immediately freezes. Nick has caught him in mid freeze pushing the paper behind him in a sorta "it wasn't me" situation.  We cannot tell if he truly likes the paper.

When I give him hay he gets a specific reaction what I would define "I love this stuff".  He does sort of a little dance. But of course when I put the hay in his cage it tends to have pieces sprinkle down on him. He has a multilayer crate and I always put it on the top but it does trickle down.

Does he get that reaction when I put in the paper? No, but he does immediately go to the paper. No matter which layer in his crate he's in he goes to the paper and starts ripping.

Normally I purchase some paper cottony bedding for him.  But I haven't had time to run to the pet store lately and he needed his bedding changed. I was shredding some documents and it just clicked. I changed out his old bedding and put in the shredded documents.

He didn't go down to the bottom layer. I kinda laughed in the morning when I found his pee outside of the crate. Yes he will pee on the upper layers and it goes out of the crate.

So I took him and placed him into the paper bedding.  He sniffed around and then began to play.

I was given the perspective of a rabbit.  One that I can't know 100% of either side.  This was new for me and a lesson I needed.

So I've been planning a perspective experiment. I am going to be blogging about it and feel pretty excited about it.

But if anyone happens to know if rabbits like to shred paper let me know...

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