Thursday, February 6, 2014

My Journey of Finding Caner

In 2013 I began this crazy journey.  Crazy because it wasn't something I even suspected.  Crazy because I didn't even want it.  And crazy because how it felt me feeling.

In March, May, and September I had 3 serious kidney infections.  The one in September was by far the worst.  These kidney infections made me change my lifestyle.  I began eating foods that would help my kidneys out.  Researched online about flushing my kidneys and which foods would be best. But the one thing I could not fix on my own was the fact I was peeing blood.

When it was found that there was blood in my urine, and there was no signs of infections, that is when the worry set in.  I had an ultrasound done and it was found that my right kidney wasn't functioning properly.  Sure just let it roll off your shoulders that your kidney was being lazy.  The left kidney functioned perfectly but the right... well...

A CT with contrast was ordered.  IV contrast was administered, and let me tell you if you haven't had this be prepared. I actually went to the bathroom before because I knew what to expect. But you have a warming feeling in your throat then DOWN THERE. And honestly to me feels like you peed your pants.

I can get claustrophobic at times in certain situations. So I closed my eyes during the CT, which honestly isn't that bad.  And picture myself on the beach and concentrate on that.

When I got the phone call with the results of the CT it wasn't what I was expecting.  I was thinking cysts or something like that due to my sister telling me she had cysts on hers. I was told they found a lesion on my right kidney and they wanted an MRI.

A lesion is a fancy way of saying there is something there but they don't know what it is. So they want to find out what it is.

After the phone call I went to Google. 

A CT determined that I had a lesion on my right kidney.  A lesion is a fancy way of saying there is something there but we have no idea what it is.  When I first heard that they found a lesion in the CT and that I would need an MRI I began Googling things.

No, I didn't WebMD because let's face it if you ever go to WebMD for something it will end up saying you've had cancer or some weird thing you couldn't possibly have. I ended up on Urology Care Foundation. I also looked up articlIes on NCBI, National Center for Biotechnology Information, about lesions on kidneys in CT's and MRI's.  I'm a science person so it's easy for me to look up an article and read more detailed information.

The time came for the MRI.  After I was laying down on the MRI table I was given an IV.  Now this was complicated because I can't raise my right arm, I'll get to that later.  I was strapped down and sent into the MRI.

Have you had an MRI?  I would say it's like being inside a tube of toothpaste?  I compare it to that. You are squeezed into a tube, it's white inside... toothpaste.  And with the ear plugs in sounds like there is construction going on with jack hammers... it's loud.

The countdown to the MRI and the countdown to the results I repeated one thing to myself.

I have cancer

I know what you are thinking... Why on Earth would you be repeating that? Because I didn't want cancer.

You see I faced the same thing a few years ago.  Something came back on my pap smear and so a biopsy was taken.  I kept thinking "I don't have cancer"... "I can't have cancer."  And on the phone with the nurse as she described what they found was the textbook definition of stage 1 cervical cancer.  I had everything taken out but my ovaries.  I went back to get retested. Thankful I didn't need chemo or radiation. I still have to go back every so often to get tested to see if it came back. But I was lucky. This time I didn't want to chance it. So I said I had cancer.  That just my luck it would be cancer.

I went into the doctors and got the results.  It's a cyst.  The cyst is around my right kidney and other things. Medical terminology to describe it.  And I am being referred to someone because of the kidney issue and cyst.  So hopefully soon my right kidney is back to normal functions.

While I don't have cancer this gave me a scare.  It is a great possibility. 

So for myself, for YOU, for your family and friends.  Go get checked.  Stop and think of when the last time a doctor evaluated you and your health? Go get looked at.

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