Saturday, December 21, 2013

Our Charlie Brown Tree

For the past week I've been looking for a Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

I happened to notice it a while ago. The Starbucks I go to has one up. 

And Nick happens to celebrate Christmas. He helped me celebrate Chanukah. So yes I will celebrate Christmas with him. 

He wanted a real tree. But I'm allergic to them. I'm allergic to evergreens and the plants affect my asthma too. 

We weren't going to purchase a fake tree because honestly they go on sale after Christmas so we decided to wait. 

So when I saw the Charlie Brown tree I wanted to find it. But I couldn't. 

I went out with Nick for the hunt for the tree. He said don't worry about it after a few stores. We got home and there was a box at the front door. 

His grandma had sent the tree. 

There is our Charlie Brown tree. 

The little Merry Christmas does not have a photo yet. You'll see why in another blog post. 

Oh wait is that Justin Bieber wrapping paper??


You see we have bought some gifts for friends and family. At Target I spotted Doc McStuffins wrapping paper. I happen to like Doc McStuffins (hey I nannied after all). So I grabbed it. Right next to it was Justin Bieber. So we decided boys got Justin Bieber and girls got Doc McStuffins. 

I've wrapped one girl but that went off in the mail. And one boy under the tree. I haven't wrapped the rest. And Nick's present won't fit under the tree. 

So here is our tiny little Christmas. Stay tuned for a post about Christmas. 

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