Thursday, January 24, 2013

Can you just NOT be me?

I'm indecisive. This I will admit.

If you ask me if I want to go out to eat. Sure I'll go.
Ask me where and I'll give you a blank stare.
Give me some choices and I'll choose.


Nope, nope. Hardly do.

But yet I don't like indecisiveness.

Wait what do I mean about that? I'm indecisive.

Right now with Mr Y's job he's getting changed around. They can't make up their minds. One day it's this time he's working and these days. The next change. And the next... Without warning the plans we've made our changed.

I'm left with that crushed feeling...

I want to curl up and cry. But I can't. I should. But I won't.

I will text the people we had plans and change them. They understand. Cause my husband was wearing his sexy clothes so he got F over (his uniform).

Mr Y had tomorrow off. Well now he's working nights. So I changed my Friday plans so he can sleep. Well one I'm keeping.

He now has the weekends off again. Yay cause he was working the weekends.

In the end I don't care which shift he's on or what he's working. But I'd like more than a few hours notice.

A little 'high your life is about to change' would be nice...

Now I'm expecting a 'tomorrow I'm leaving' blah isn't that how it goes.

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