Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Taxed Out

Today I dusted off the Asian side of my brain (heard of the Asian math gene?) and did our taxes.

Let me go back here...

First Asian math gene... it's not really a gene. It's just something in college that came up once. Because there are a lot of professors that taught at my college that were from Asia. Stop and think of your Russian math professor... yup Asia. In college I was asked once if I had the Asian math gene, with me twice talking calculus I can safely assume no I didn't get that gene.

In the beginning of the year Mr. Y and I did what normal citizens do, we filed for our taxes. Now when my W2 from my job had arrived I had asked Mr. Y if there was anything else. Well he had his school loan, and I didn't know what else he had. He said nope. Don't wait to claim his school loan. Just file. So I did.

A few weeks after we got our return I found out no Mr. Y had DIVIDENDS :/ IRAs, mutual growth funds... DIRTY words when it comes to taxes. My MIL sent out our tax stuff but it was well too late because we had already filed.

I had quickly calculated it up and thank goodness we didn't claim the student loans because it offset everything. So I put it away. I was dealing with my shoulder around this time and we had a while before we had to fix our taxes (yes you can make a mistake on your taxes and you have some time to fix it).

Flash forward to moving in June. Some how the tax stuff got misplaced. I searched and searched and NADA. I began to panic. I then asked Mr. Y to ask his mom for the tax stuff again (insert family drama).

Over the weekend as we began to move things to storage I found the tax stuff... YAY!!!! So today I sat down and began the whole process of filling out the 1040X to adjust our 2011 tax return.

I'll admit I got distracted... there are shinny things on my computer. But about three hours after I started I was done. And there was a woppin' $65 return *rolls eyes*.  Granted if I didn't get distracted by PhotoShop or Facebook or finding our 2011 tax return then I probably would have been done in one.

I had to pull up the instructions for the 2011 1040 because I needed the tax table, so that took some time. Actually the most time was spend printing out the forms that I needed. But hey in that time I was also able to figure out my self-employed net income for this year... you can never start too early.

I ran to the post office where I spent half an hour to mail this one envelope. Loosing my patience for the day. And then the machine to do it yourself at the post office wouldn't accept my credit card. So the guy behind me took the $1 that it needed to mail and paid for it. Talk about being NICE :)

And to think in a few months I get to do this all over again.

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