Sunday, December 9, 2012

Pretty, Pretty Princess Apartment

In the adventure of Mr. Y and I looking for a new place to live we have looked high and low. At different apartments and houses. In this adventure I have coined the terminology PPPA.

PPPA=Pretty, Pretty Princess Apartment

Mr. Y and I had first discussed buying a house. But we have decided to put that off. Because we do not want to call Virginia our home. Discussing this we felt that if we purchased a home it could be hard to sell. Then we would have to rent. But WHAT if we are sent some place else and that some place else is where we want to call home. Then we'd have to wait to get another mortgage until the house sold. So as we discussed we would put off buying a home.

I have an area picked out that I would like to live. Mr. Y also has an area acceptable where he wants to live, but be realistic are we going to listen to Mr. Y?? Sorry baby I love you but I know where I want to live.

Say there is a map and an area on the map is highlighted as an acceptable area for us to move to. So then we look inside said area to find apartment places.

I have searched high and low. And in the end came out with a few apartment choices. We had viewed a few before we moved where we are now and decided against those. Although they reappeared on the list because they were marked out before I marked them out again. This narrowed the search to 2 apartments.

We went and viewed them on Friday.

Mr. Y drove and I told him how to get there. As we pulled up insert the new terminology. PPPA!!!!
The first apartment was a gated community and Mr. Y did one of these... o.O So of course I had to call it pretty, pretty princess!!

Oh wait in case you don't know Siri calls me 'pretty, pretty princess' it was a joke. So yes I had to bring this over to our apartment search.

We viewed the first apartment choice. It wasn't that bad. Of course the sample wasn't exactly what we would have. There are pros and cons of course.

  • fireplace
  • elevator
  • pool
  • washer/dryer (but may not be able to move what is there, we have our own)
  • gated community
  • gym (meh not a big deal to me)
  • about 9 blocks from the beach (the strip in Virginia Beach)
  • near the Interstate (I mean right next to the Interstate)
Then we went to the second apartment choice. The reason I picked it was because it was closer to the beach and in an area I would love to live. It's actually near the house we had picked out... it has pros and cons too.

  • small salt water pool and hot tub
  • area to grill with gas grills (hey we have our own)
  • parking area is small and will have to fight for parking
  • gated community
  • apartments are secure (need to be buzzed in)
  • free storage area
  • gym (again not a big deal)
  • about a 7 minute walk to the beach
  • can walk to the grocery stores (2 near by)
  • near a swap... protected area=bugs
  • washer/dryer (is bigger than the first apartment, bonus points)
The first apartment is $1170 a month. But does not include utilities so have to pay those. Water, sewage, electricity, cable, etc.

The second apartment is $1365 a month. Again does not include any utilities.

The second apartment is a tad bigger than the first apartment. 

These are both 2 bedroom apartments. They come with a washer/dryer, fridge, microwave, dishwasher, and stove. Both have walk in closets. Both are master bedrooms.

The first apartment has the washer/dryer in the kitchen. There is a door that closes it. I've had this before and hated it. But it has more light entering in the apartment than the second. It has an open layout. The first bedroom is first and the bathroom leads to it.

The second apartment has a large washer/dryer area. Enough that Lulu can have her crate in it. The ceilings are high about 9ft tall. There is more cabinet space in the kitchen. The layout is open. The second bedroom can be closed off to guests if they come over. The bathrooms are larger and have plenty of storage.

I'm not sure if I am put off by the first place because it reminds me of our last apartment. It is a typical apartment layout with the first bedroom up front, and second bedroom in the back. 
I dislike the fact that the second apartment is making us have a first floor. We don't want that. 

Basically how Mr. Y put it... the second apartment we could go drinking at the bar and just walk home. First apartment is is a longer hike and one I wouldn't want to do at 1 in the morning. But the second one no problem. BTW we aren't drinkers so this is all hypothetical. But we want to go to the beach during the summer.

Next up is looking for PPPHouses. 

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