Monday, December 10, 2012

Pretty PRETTY Please

Hey lovely blog readers!!

For a while now I have been wanting to sell Pampered Chef. I have been speaking to a wonderful consultant with Pampered Chef with this journey. And have decided to host a party in December.

I am inviting you!!!

Have you not heard of Pampered Chef? Pampered Chef is an awesome company that sells kitchen products. Not just including kitchen tools, cookware, but other things as well for the kitchen.

I have been a Pampered Chef fan for years. This was due to my sister introducing me to it.
So I thought... why not sell Pampered Chef.

To start off I am hosting a party.
The party is opened now and will stay open until Dec 16th.
The best part is THIS WILL ARRIVE IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS/HANUKKAH/HOLIDAYS!!! So you don't have to worry. Need a last minute gift? Honestly I love cooking so much I'd swoon for Pampered Chef for the holidays.
Another best part, it's a shop now pay later. Your credit card will not be processed until Dec 16th!!!
This is for those of my friends in the military community to allow them to buy what they see and not have to worry about paying until pay day!!

Oh wait, if you spend over $75 you will get a free cooling rack.
Honestly those things are the bomb!! During our move I lost mine so it's on my list of things to get!

Oh wait... do you want to host a party too? Let me know cause you can earn something things!!!

I have a list of Pampered Chef products to recommend. That will be in another blog.

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