Monday, December 3, 2012

Make it a Date

It just so happens that Mrs. Squirrel from Life as a Secret Squirrel's Other Half and I are friends. I don't just mean blogging friends which we are that too. I mean we are real life friends. But we are going to cut her name down for this blog post so instead of Mrs. Squirrel or her husband Mr. Squirrel it will just be Mrs. S or Mr. S.

I mused while we were hanging out talking that I would write a blog post about our adventures so here it is. I did warn you Mrs. S lol.

We hadn't seen each other in a bit. It just so happen she went out of town, I went out of town. I got sick, she got sick. Life got in the way. But it's okay she happens to be one of my BFF's. We happen to have the type of relationship that we could go months without hearing from each other and if we sat down together we'd pick up like nothing happened.

In the way of Grey's Anatomy... she's my person.

I swung by to pick up Mrs. S cause she was too lazy to get gas... haha she can hit me later for that. And we were off on our adventures. I had wanted to go to Ulta so we popped by there first. I needed to buy a new base coat for my nails. This is when I learned Mrs. S coupons... I mean gets excited about coupons lol. I coupon but I don't get as excited as Mrs. S does. But who doesn't love saving money.

After we purchased our things from Ulta we decided to head to the mall. I have a photo session with Mr. Y here soon so I wanted her help picking out an outfit. But we decided we needed coffee. So here is the first thing I swore I would blog about!!

Can we go to the Starbucks here because the Starbucks at the mall doesn't heat their milk warm enough?

Okay fair enough. I actually don't like the Starbucks at the mall. It's one of those tiny booths and not a real one, and okay they have messed up my order. So I drove to park in front of the Starbucks that was in the shopping center we were at.

We get in line and I order first... and then I hear her order... BLACK TEA. 
So yes I had to harass her that she wanted this Starbucks for the warmer milk and she got tea.
I called her prissy lol.

We head out to the mall drinking our drinks. We had to stop off at Sephora, if not just the reason to walk inside. Mrs. S and I are big Sephora girls. And then we went to Old Navy cause it's the reason I wanted to go out. And she helped me pick out a sweater tunic thingie dress. And rolled her eyes at my Hello Kitty purchase. Yes what kind of Asian is she, she doesn't like Hello Kitty lol.

While we are walking around looking for tights/leggings to go with the sweater tunic she wanted to stop and get Mr. S something. He picked up rank too so big celebration ya know ya know.

I am not a patient person. Actually you will hear me say often I am impatiently patiently waiting. So while she was trying to get something for Mr. S the sales assistant kept walking away. And it started to show after a while... meh sorry Mrs. S but you were getting impatient too. Sales person really did keep walking away it was RUDE.

Oh wait it just dawned on me we didn't get boba tea :/ UGH!!

But she teased me I was impatient in the store. I admit it. I am impatient. There I said it. My name is Mrs. Y and I am impatient.

We left not finding tights/leggings. And I went to drop her off... she says I tried to kill her o.O I didn't I swear.

Someone messed up my airbag in my car so the passenger air bag isn't working. It's turned off. Well I went to turn and didn't quite press the gas hard enough then hard enough. So I luggilish crossed into traffic and Mrs. S swore I was gonna kill her.


lol I would never!!! She safely made it home. And we need to do it again.

I love my Mrs. Y and Mrs. S adventures.


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  2. Hello Emilly I would email you but you do not have a way for me to do so.


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